Amanda Kuang
UX designer

UofT Life

A school life simulation game.

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UofT Life is a school life simulation game developed with Android Studio. The game consists of multiple levels and mini-games that represent different activities students do in school.


Game Development
To apply my UI/UX design skills & knowledge in software design patterns in developing an Android game with multiple levels.


UI/UX Designer, Game Developer
I was responsible for programming (Java), user research, user interface design, wireframing, prototyping, and playtesting.


JAN - FEB 2020
This 4-week project was created by a group of 4 people. Tools such as Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop, and GitHub were used.

User Activity

Log in, sign up, log out, and data managing features of the game

Game Character

Players can customize the character by distributing the talent points, and these talent points will determine the unique characteristics of the game character. During the game, the character’s health, mood, money, learning, etc. are updated according to the activities in the game.


The intuitive onboarding process helps players to understand the game mechanism, short-term goals, and long-term goals.

Mini-Games & More

There are mini-games for different activities such as sleep, study, work, etc. Players’ performance in each mini-game will affect the overall status of the game character. There are also items that can be purchased from the store to boost the stats of the character.

👉 See UML diagram & design patterns